The Skinny on: (Cyber)Bullying, The Legend of Gretchen


Written by Mike Cassidy


The Skinny on Bullying, the Legend of Gretchen (Rand Media Co, 2010) by Mike Cassidy, is written for children who are at the age where bullying first begins to take form. The book is written for both the bullied and the bully alike in the award winning Skinny On format.

The book is about two best friends named Beth and Billy who are about to start their first day at Stickville Middle School.

Beth and Billy were popular at Stickville Elementary School. Billy was the class president and Beth was one of the best soccer players her class. Everything changes when they get to Middle School and experience bullying for the first time by the older eighth graders. Just when they think their situation can’t get any worse, the pair learns from their friend Ronnie that a legendary bully named Gretchen is transferring to the school.

This book serves as a guide for middle school aged kids to learn how to prevent and minimize bullying, hazing, cyberbullying, physical bullying and harassment. The lessons are reinforced with a rich narrative and story which is enjoyable to both kids and parents alike.